Islamorada, Village of Islands
Village Clerk

The Village Clerk’s responsibilities are multi-faceted. The statutory responsibilities are to maintain the integrity of the Village’s official Charter and coordinate codification ofthe Municipal Code of Ordinances; arrange all municipal elections in liaison with Monroe County Supervisor of Elections; qualify candidates and provide election materials and ballots; maintain, plan, and direct all official Village archive documents, including indexing accessibility and retrieval; recording of summary minutes; preparing agendas; processing, recording, filing, and advertising resolutions, ordinances and notices; and advertising for all departments as required.

Non-statutory duties include processing all records and contracts; managing information for the dissemination of public records; official custodian of the Village Seal; representation to municipal agencies, and professional organizations on behalf of the Village in a courteous, professional manner.




















Provided by:  Office of the Village Clerk

Posted on 9/24/2011