Islamorada, Village of Islands
Planning & Development Services


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The Planning and Development Services Department, under the authority and policy direction of the Village Council, is responsible for administering the Village’s land use plan including the provision of comprehensive planning and permit processing services. The department is responsible for developing, implementing,and enforcing Village land use ordinances and regulations, reviewing and processing of development permits, carrying out long-range planning projects, and providing oversight and protection of the Village’s environmental resources.


The department is responsible for the compliance, maintenance, and updating of the Village Comprehensive Plan, a state mandated document containing goals, objectives, and policies to direct the development, redevelopment, and revitalization of the Village. The Village Comprehensive Plan addresses future land uses, transportation, housing, conservation, coastal management, recreational facilities and open space, public facilities, and capital improvements. 


Departmental staff is responsible for the review and processing of all:


·         development applications

·         variances

·         site plan review applications

·         temporary uses

·         minor and major conditional use applications

·         home occupation permit applications

·         environmental reviews

·         alcohol beverage permit applications

·         site assessment applications

·         affordable housing qualifications

·         letters of current site conditions

·         beneficial use and vested rights applications

·         pre-application meetings

·         platting applications

·       Comprehensive Plan map and text amendments

·         zoning and use determinations

·         zoning map amendments

·         Development Agreements

· Land Development Regulation (LDR) text amendments

·  Building Permit Allocation System (BPAS) applications for new residential and nonresidential construction.


The department prepares data and analysis pertaining to land use for use by the public and other agencies. The department’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and graphics capabilities support the department's decision making, enhance the community's public participation process, and provide services to the residents of Islamorada through strategic planning, data analysis and map preparation, and the pursuit of grants.


The department provides information and assistance to the public and property owners. The department emphasizes public participation by employing various techniques including meetings with individuals and groups, facilitating workshops and conducting formal public hearings. Outreach to the public is accomplished through mail-outs, Internet and advertising.


The department also acts as liaison to numerous Village committees and intergovernmental working groups including: the Development Review Committee, the Carrying Capacity Study, the Georectifying Group, the Affordable Housing Task Force, the Land Acquisition Advisory Committee, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Invasive Exotic Task Force, the Canal Master Plan Technical Advisory Committee, and the County Stormwater Master Plan Technical Advisory Committee.


Due to the Area of Critical State Concern (ACSC) designation of Islamorada, the department participates in intergovernmental coordination on planning issues with municipalities, and state and federal agencies including the Monroe County Growth Management Division, the Monroe County Health Department, the Monroe County Housing Authority, the Florida Department of Transportation, the State Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.



Posted on 8/11/2011