Islamorada, Village of Islands
Building Forms

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Building Permits Forms


  1. Affidavit of Intent Fence Buffer
  2. Affidavit for Pool Permits
  3. Affordable Housing Mitigation & In-Lieu Fee Worksheet
  4. Agent Authorization Letter
  5. Building Permit Application
  6. Building Application Procedures with Submittals
  7. Building Permit Worksheet
  8. 90 Day Building Permit Extension Application
  9. Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement Form
  10. Code Enforcement Complaint Form
  11. Contractor or Owner/Builder Nonsubstantial Improvement Affidavit
  12. Contractor Registration Checklist 
  13. Electrical Permit Worksheet 
  14. FEMA Floodplain Management Inspection Request 
  15. Impact Fee Calculation Worksheet
  16. Mechanical Permit Worksheet 
  17. Notice of Commencement
  18. Plumbing Permit Worksheet
  19. Pre-Power Request Form
  20. Request for Physical Address 
  21. Roofing, Fencing, Windows, Doors, Flatwork Permit Worksheet 
  22. ROW Use Form (updated 07-02-2012)
  23. Sewer Building Permit Application
  24. Solid Waste Certificate Application
  25. Sub-Contractor Sign On Letter
  26. V-ZONE Certification Letter
  27. DOH Permit Process for a Public Swimming Pool
  28. Application for Private Provider Plans Review
  29. Private Provider Checklist
  30. Private Provider Inspection Report
  31. Private Provider Plan Compliance Affidavit
  32. Private Provider Plan Notice to Building
  33. Residential Alarm Certification
  34. 6 Month Permit Extension


Posted on 3/8/2017