Islamorada, Village of Islands 2018 Elections

The Village Council is comprised of five (5) members each serving two-year terms and representing the Village at large. Candidates interested in running for Council must qualify for Council elections by Seat. Village Council Seat 1, Seat 2, Seat 3, Seat 4 and Seat 5 are up for election.

To qualify for office you must be a registered voter with the State of Florida and a resident of Islamorada, Village of Islands. Furthermore, if elected, you must maintain residency in Islamorada throughout the term of office.  The Village Clerk is the qualifying officer for Islamorada, Village of Islands’ municipal elections. Residents interested in running for Council should contact Village Clerk Kelly Toth at (305) 664-6412. The Qualifying Period begins at 12 PM on August 14, 2018 and ends at 12 PM on August 21, 2018. 

                       2018 VILLAGE COUNCIL CANDIDATES
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 1  Deb Gillis  Filed: 05/18/2018
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 2   Dave Purdo  Filed: 03/14/2018
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 2   Pete Bacheler  Filed: 08/06/2018
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 2   Cheryl Meads  Filed: 08/10/2018
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 3   Jim Mooney  Filed: 06/18/18
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 4   Ken Davis               Filed: 01/24/2018 
  VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 4   Eric Carlson  Filed: 07/30/18
 VILLAGE COUNCIL SEAT 5   Mike Forster   Filed: 02/09/2018

Detailed information regarding the responsibilities of a candidate can be found below in the Candidate & Campaign Treasurer's Handbook. The following links are intended to be helpful to Candidates, Campaign Treasurers and those considering candidacy.