Organizational Chart

Org Chart 6.2023

Village Residents provide direction to the Village Council.

The Village Council directs the Village Manager and the Village Attorney.

The Village Manager is responsible for all Village employees with the exception of the Village Attorney’s Office.

Direct Reports To the Village Manager Within The Village Manager's Office Include

  • The Assistant to Village Manager/Public Information Officer
  • The Human Resources Director/ADA Coordinator
  • The Environmental Resources Manager

The Village Manager Directs The Following Department Heads; Each Department Head Directs The Staff Within Their Department

  • The Finance Director
  • The IT Manager
  • The Village Clerk/ADA Documents Manager
  • Planning and Development Services Director
  • The Public Works Director
  • The Founders Park Director
  • The Fire Chief
  • The Chief Building Official
  • Planning
    • Code Compliance Officers

In Addition To Finance Department Staff, The Finance Director Also Directs

  • The Head Dockmaster Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina

In Addition To Public Works Department Staff, The Public Works Director Also Directs

  • The Assistant Director of Wastewater & Wastewater Staff