Manhole Covers Must Remain Clear

The manhole covers for the wastewater collection system must remain clear – free of any materials, vehicles, or equipment. Residents and business owners are asked not to park vehicles or equipment over the manhole covers, not to spread gravel or other materials over the covers and not to place any vegetative or other debris on top of the covers. Residents and business owners are also asked to ensure that visitors to their homes and businesses do not park over the covers.

The manhole covers are located on the ground in the right-of-way in front of the property and are distinguishable by the large “SEWER” stamp on the cover. The covers must remain clear for the maintenance of the collection system.

Debris should be piled at least ten feet from any manhole cover. If a special debris pickup is required due to the nature of the debris, please call the local Waste Management office at 305-853-3433.

If you have questions, please contact the Wastewater Utility Department at 305-664-6450.